Group Process and Policy

Ours is "a process group" where we all have an opportunity to improve our ability of observation and appreciation of our own behavior in interactions with others.

We shall try to focus on our inner process and reveal as much of it as we care to share with the rest of the group. Of course we will "test the waters" first and gauge how much we are able to trust.

There is no obligation to talk, to participate, to "spill your guts" etc. You are encouraged to be attentive to the others and to your own feelings. Everyone in the room should have equal opportunity to participate and we need to be sensitive to someone else's intention to speak. However, it's their responsibility to be able "to get in" in the most interactively cooperative, yet assertive and efficient way. In the process of our meetings you may talk about anything you want and the therapist will talk when there will be something to say to interpret what was heard from you. Do not hesitate to express any negative feelings or to criticize the behaviour or opinions of the therapist as it is perceived by you. This feedback is very much appreciated and welcome. The therapist will not be offended by it and will be able to utilize it as an important contribution to the process of therapy.

The commitment is to attend the first 12 sessions. If you leave earlier, you will need to pay $50. 00 per each remaining session. Should you decide to leave after completing 10 sessions, 2 more sessions will be used to discuss your experience in the group. After the first 12 sessions have been attended, and you decide to leave at some point in the future, the 2 further final sessions will be necessary for deliberations. Otherwise those sessions will be considered as missed. Psychotherapy treatment requires that we will be meeting regularly and that every cancellation will be viewed by all of us as a serious interruption in and of our process. However, if you find out in advance that you will not be able to attend some session/s, you will need to announce it at the beginning of the next group.

If for any reason you are unable to attend, but did not have a chance to discuss it during the previous session, you will need to pay $50.00. Any lateness to arrive at a session will be charged as a missed session, although you will be able to participate, should the group have no objections.

All of this is necessary in order to introduce some measure of reinforcement of discipline of attendance. Should you have any questions about any of this or other topics, you are encouraged to discuss it in the meeting.

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